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Villas for sale in The Springs

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Villas and houses in The Springs

The Springs is a stunning suburban area with plentiful green parks and beautiful lakes. According to the report by Bayut, it is one of the most popular communities for renting low-cost villas in Dubai. In addition, the area is considered a great place for pet lovers.

Villas in the Springs come in a variety of layouts and styles. A total of about 4,800 houses with two to four bedrooms have been built in the district. The Springs offers one of the best townhouses in Dubai decorated in sandy colors which are in line with modern architectural trends.

The area is divided in 15 sub-communities. Each of them has recreation and barbecue areas, children's playgrounds, tennis courts and stadiums. Almost all villas in the community have a private garden and pool.

Prices for villas and houses in The Springs

The classic suburban community lifestyle attracts those looking for a quiet and safe getaway. Homes in the Springs are equipped with modern amenities and covered parking spaces.

The annual rent for two-bedroom villas ranges from USD 21,236 to USD 34,032. Three-bedroom villas can be rented for USD $ 32,670 to USD 51,728. Those looking for more spacious accommodation can opt for four-bedroom villas for around USD 47,644 per year.

When it comes to buying, the cost of two-bedroom villas ranges from USD 408,385 to USD 680,642. Larger three-bedroom villas are priced from USD 607,133 to USD 980,125. The price of four-bedroom houses in the Springs ranges from USD 898,448 to USD 1,197,930.

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