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  • UAE property market trends in 2022

    The Covid pandemic has had far-reaching consequences and has forever changed the global economy and the international housing market. There were changes in property prices in the United Arab Emirates. The world has recovered from the crisis. And the impact of the coronavirus on the ordinary life of every person has weakened. Nevertheless, investors are concerned about what to expect next and how apartment prices in the UAE will change in 2022. Contents: Trends of the property market in UAE How UAE property market will develop in 2022-2023 Villa prices in Dubai Average villa prices in popular areas in Dubai Average land plot prices in UAE Average commercial property prices in UAE Ax Capital will help you purchase a property in Dubai Trends of the property market in...

  • In which area of Dubai is it best to purchase a villa?

    The United Arab Emirates is one of the world's most developed countries. As such it should come as no surprise that the country's real estate market offers a spectacularly wide variety of apartments and penthouses. Among the most popular and in-demand options are houses with gardens and swimming pools, including townhouses in Dubai. According to the ValuStrat report, house sales increased by 57% during the period between January and August 2021. Dubai is one of the most popular cities when it comes to property sales. It is the city that’s growing and developing more every year. Contents: Where is the best place to purchase a villa in Dubai? Arabian Ranches Dubai Hills Estate The Springs Dubai Green Community The Villa Palm Jumeirah Ax Capital will help you choose the...

  • How to make money on real estate in the UAE?

    Purchasing a property in the United Arab Emirates is an attractive option for many people, especially those looking for new ways to earn more money and conduct business abroad. Let Ax Capital housing company tell you more about how to make money regarding real estate in the UAE, the purchasing of villas in Dubai for investment, and what investment schemes exist in the country. The content of the article: Earning money on real estate in the UAE Why Dubai? EXPO-2020 Dubai's best areas for investment Dubai Marina Downtown Dubai Palm Jumeirah Housing types Benefits of villas and townhouses Mortgage Real estate maintenance How to choose a suitable property in the UAE Ax Capital will help you to purchase real estate in Dubai Earning money on real estate in the...

  • Real estate investment in Dubai: how to invest money and not lose it

    The situation with the global pandemic has shown us that it’s reckless to be dependent only on a salary. In other words, without a financial safety cushion, it’s difficult for one to maintain a certain standard and quality of life during a sudden financial crisis. Therefore, an intelligent approach to budget management involves saving money by investing it. But the question remains, where is the best place to invest one’s money? Dubai offers many investment options to choose from and one of the most popular is real estate. The United Arab Emirates and Dubai, the largest city in the state, are the most attractive destinations for foreigners. In this article we discuss profitable investments in Dubai and whether it’s worth investing in villas here and whether there...

  • Overview of prices for villas and houses in Dubai

    The United Arab Emirates remains one of the most popular countries for foreign citizens who are either investing in real estate or moving here to the country for permanent residency. What’s more, the Arab real estate market isn’t all that concerned about any type of financial crisis. Especially since its developed economy has long been independent of the oil exchange rate fluctuations. Evidence of this can be seen in the tourism industry and how profitable the scientific and technical development sectors are in the country. Comfortable living conditions attract many expats from all over the world are attracted by it. Moreover, according to the high sales rate in 2021, villas in Dubai are the most popular options. In the first quarter, the sales reached 137% in comparison with...