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Villas for sale in Dubai

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Over the last few decades, Dubai has become a popular destination for property investors, and its popularity continues to grow. With its vibrant history, developed infrastructure and a comfortable climate, the emirate attracts tourists and expats from all over the world, which significantly boosts the development of the real estate market. One of its popular sectors is villas and townhouses in Dubai. An increasing number of property hunters are choosing homes with a private garden and access to open space. Villas in Dubai are an ideal solution for those seeking tranquility in one of the best cities in the world with its high living and safety standards. Dubai is famous for its well-developed gated communities which are reliably protected thanks to security systems and video surveillance. Our collection of properties offers a wide range of possession-ready and off-plan homes in Dubai’s sought-after locations, with all units constructed by the country’s top developers. Investing in villas in Dubai, you provide yourself not only with a perfect getaway but also with a high return on investment.

Villas and houses in Dubai

This city is a popular tourist destination as well as an international business and financial hub. Each community has its own attractions, developed infrastructure and atmosphere to suit any lifestyle. The city features about 6,000 villas for sale. In 2021 home sales in Dubai have started to grow. Therefore, it is expected that the number of offers will be dwindling.

The local real estate market offers a great variety of housing options for all tastes:

  • If you are looking for beachfront houses for sale in Dubai, villas on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah would be a great solution.
  • Those looking for a peaceful family getaway can consider the neighbourhoods of Mirdif, Mudon or Deira.
  • Luxury villas in Dubai are offered in such communities as Villa, Arabian Ranches.

Most of the villas are located in gated communities that offer their residents a full range of facilities. The private area gives a sense of privacy, yet you can enjoy the benefits of living in a big city. The market offers a wide range of villas by the sea with a private pool and a spacious green area.

Prices for villas in Dubai

The city offers villas for all budgets. The cheapest villa can be purchased for less than € 200,000. The price for a luxury house with a sea view ranges from € 200,000 to € 25,000,000. The average cost directly depends on the number of rooms and location:

  • houses with two bedrooms - € 328,000;
  • three-bedroom villas - € 386,000;
  • housing with four bedrooms - € 500,000.

Prices also change depending on the number of offers and the demand. Therefore, if you have decided to buy a villa, we recommend you start looking for an option to buy as soon as possible as the prices are highly likely to grow.

Where to buy a villa in Dubai, the UAE

The emirate is multinational and foreign investors are allowed to own property there. The list of areas where foreigners can buy property and be their rightful owners includes over 40 communities and this list is constantly expanding. This allows you to choose your perfect villa in any part of the city.

Investment villas in Dubai

The demand for luxurious overseas property is growing rapidly. The cost of houses in Dubai is much more attractive compared with similar properties in large European cities. In addition to friendly prices, there are at least three more reasons for investing in housing in this Emirate:

  • high liquidity. If you decide to resell your house in Dubai, there will be no difficulties in finding buyers;
  • high ROIs. The rental yields in Dubai can reach 5% per year while in large cities in Europe, this figure does not exceed 2-3%;

no property taxes. If you rent out a villa, you do not have to pay any taxes, hence you get a net profit.

We will help you choose and buy a house in Dubai, UAE

Our property catalogue offers villas for all budgets and lifestyles in Dubai's popular communities. We are passionate about delivering the best property solutions and our team makes sure that our customers get the very latest deals. Use our advanced yet easy-to-use search filters to find your ideal villa that will match all your requirements and our experienced agents will walk you through the buying process.

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