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Villas for sale in Motor City

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Villas and houses in Motor City

Motor City is a stunning residential community with picturesque cobbled streets and spacious villas. The area is divided into two parts: Up Town Motor City and Green Community Motor City. It houses some of the most sought-after villas in Dubai.

This autonomous community has a large number of top-notch infrastructure facilities, including shops, restaurants, schools, medical centers, parks and fitness centres.

Motor City is a low-rise residential community featuring a wide range of luxury villas and townhouses in Dubai with three to five bedrooms. All houses are made from sustainable and climate-neutral building materials. The kitchens are fully equipped with appliances from the world's leading brands. In addition, villas in Motor City offer parking spaces for private vehicles.

Prices for villas and houses in Motor City

You can rent a luxurious three-bedroom house in Motor City for USD 35,000 per year. The rent for a villa in Motor City with four bedrooms starts from USD 40,000 per year.

Average annual rent for a villa in Motor City:

  • Three bedrooms - USD 36,000;
  • Four bedrooms - USD 50,000;
  • Five bedrooms - USD 59,890.

You can buy an elite villa in Motor City with three bedrooms for USD 600,000. A four-bedroom villa costs about USD 696,900, and you can buy a five-bedroom unit for USD 1,786,005.

Average prices for villas in Motor City:

  • Three bedrooms - USD 830,100;
  • Four bedrooms - USD 932,200;
  • Five bedrooms - USD 1,550,500.

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