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Villas for sale in Meadows

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Villas and houses in Meadows

Meadows is one of the most popular golf communities with a wide choice of luxury villas in Dubai. With direct access to the city’s Sheikh Zayed Road, the Meadows residents can easily get to the emirate’s central areas, such as Dubai Marina, Internet City, and Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Upscale villas in Meadows are nestled between tree-lined streets, lush parks, and beautiful lakes.

In sync with its peaceful name, it is a serene community remote from the hum of the big city.

Meadows has over 1,800 villas built in 20 different architectural styles. The properties are located in gated sub-communities with private entrances.

With its well-developed modern infrastructure, the neighborhood offers everything a family needs for a comfortable and active lifestyle, including parks, swimming pools, educational facilities, restaurants, and supermarkets. Houses in Meadows are equipped with built-in appliances, an autonomous cooling system and parking spaces for personal vehicles.

Prices for villas in Meadows

The area has a wide variety of 3-7 bedroom villas to rent or buy. Three- to six-bedroom villas in Meadows, with a total area of 3,500 to 4,900 square feet, are very popular among investors and Dubai visitors. On average, it costs about $46,283 per year to rent a 3-bedroom villa, with rental prices for 4-bedroom villas starting at $51,728. Rental rates for a 5-bedroom luxury house are about $58,800 annually.

The average annual rental rate is :

  • $46,300 for a 3-bedroom villa
  • $53,996 for a 4-bedroom villa
  • $58,800 for a 5-bedroom villa
  • $64,797 for a 6-bedroom villa

You can buy an elite villa in Meadows Dubai featuring 3 bedrooms for at least $980,000. A 4-bedroom villa price tag starts at $1,061,000. A townhouse in Dubai with 5 bedrooms will cost about $1,116,257.

A typical home sells for:

  • $929,760 for a 3-bedroom villa
  • $1,096,654 for a 4-bedroom villa
  • $1,306,020 for a 5-bedroomvilla
  • $1,560,581 for a 6-bedroom villa

Buying a house in Meadows, Dubai, UAE

Investment villas in Meadows Dubai area wonderful opportunity to get some solid returns. Our experienced specialists will help you find the best option among a variety of listings that would best fit your needs. Contact us now using a phone number or a feedback form on the website.