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Villas for sale in Jumeirah

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Villas and townhouses in Jumeirah

Jumeirah is a popular waterfront residential community offering everything you need for a comfortable and physically active lifestyle. There are exquisite restaurants, spas, swimming pools, gyms and a lot more. Schools, hospitals, shops and entertainment venues are within a walking distance.

Residential developments in this part of Dubai include luxury villas, spacious townhouses and low-rise homes. Properties in Jumeirah have close beach access.

The residential community is divided into several sub-communities. Each of them features 3-7 bedroom villas and townhouses. Townhouses in Dubai’s Jumeirah are distinguished by modern interior design and excellent amenities. The villas feature private facilities: laundry, rooms for in-house employees, and a swimming pool. There are parking spaces for every villa.

Prices for villas in Jumeirah

Luxury villas and elite townhouses are in high demand among potential tenants. To rent a 3-bedroom villa, you will need to pay from $28,580 to $53,090 annually. Renting a 4-bedroom villa in Jumeirah will cost from $32,670 to $108,900 per year.

The average annual rental rate is:

  • $40,021 for 3-bedroom villa
  • $46,283 for a 4-bedroom villa
  • $59,624 for 5-bedroom villa
  • $74,870 for 6-bedroom villa
  • $80,860 for 7-bedroom villa

There are several properties for sale in Jumeirah with excellent investment opportunities. A 3-bedroom villa sells for $1,225,156. Meanwhile, a 4-bedroom house’s price tag starts at $1,361,285.

The average listing price for villas in Dubai’s Jumeirah is:

  • $1,245,848 for a 3-bedroom villa
  • $1,671 930 for a 4-bedroom villa
  • $2,669,450 for a 5-bedroom villa
  • $4,576,095 for a 6-bedroom villa

Buying a townhouse in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

You can start your Dubai investment story by buying an investment villa in Jumeirah. Our experienced specialists will help you buy or rent an upscale residential property. Feel free to contact us now using a phone number or a feedback form on the website. We will be happy to help you find a property option that would best fit your needs.