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Villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate

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Villas and houses in Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate is a vibrant luxurious neighbourhood covering an area of over 11 million meters 2. The community is renowned for its Dubai Hills Golf Club and a 18-hole championship golf course. According to the report by Bayut, Dubai Hills Estate ranks as one of the most popular luxury golf communities with villas in Dubai.

Dubai Hills Estate houses hospitals and metro stations, the Dubai Hills Mall and three five-star hotels. The area is a great destination for families with children and those who prefer an active lifestyle. Several private international schools and kindergartens are located not far from the villas and townhouses in Dubai. Green parks and top-notch sports grounds are located on an area of more than 1.4 million m 2.

About 2,000 villas with three to seven bedrooms have been built in the area. Luxury homes in Dubai Hills Estate offer premium designs and state-of-the-art amenities.

Prices for villas and houses in Dubai Hills Estate

The rent rates for luxury four-bedroom villas in Dubai Hills Estate range from USD 34,800 to USD 68,060 per year. A five-bedroom unit can be rented for USD 45,700.

Average annual rent rates for villas in Dubai Hills Estate:

  • Three bedrooms - USD 35,300;
  • Four bedrooms - USD 38,388;
  • Five bedrooms - USD 45,739;
  • Six bedrooms - USD 132,580;
  • Seven bedrooms - USD 139,660.

When it comes to buying a villa, a three-bedroom freehold option in Dubai Hills Estate can be bought at the price from USD 517,288 to USD 816,771. The average price for a four-bedroom villa ranges from USD 680,642 to USD 5,445,140.

Prices for villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate:

  • Three bedrooms - USD 763,408;
  • Four bedrooms - USD 877,212;
  • Five bedrooms - USD 1,202,286;
  • Six bedrooms - USD 3,241,219;
  • Seven bedrooms - USD 5,612,033.

We help buy a house in Dubai Hills Estate, UAE

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